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AIRPORT PENSION welcomes its guests in the immediate vicinity of the largest spectacle beach in Europe.

The pension is located in a frequented place of Hajdúszoboszló, next to the airport, from the beach 100 meters- and the Aquapark and the new Extreme Slide Park 400 meters.

The Árpád Swimming Pool (covered) 250 meters away. Opposite the swimming pool there is a go-kart track for our guests who want to have fun and play sports.

The Squirrel Adventure Adventure Park is a few hundred meters away.

Only smaller but spectacular sports machines occur sporadically at the sports airport opposite, which our guests do not bother. On the other hand, the airport is suitable for our guests arriving by small sport aircraft to get off and on here, or they may leave the aircraft in the area during their stay.

The Árpád swimming pool and the Hungarospa therapy building are also in the neighborhood. Here they can take various healing treatments, who need it.

2021. opened in the summer of the exclusive Premium Zone created as part of the beach in Hajdúszoboszló (Tahiti Beach), which is from our pension 180 meters.

Those who want to play sports should visit the Hungarospa Sports Center (foci, tennis, indoor grass soccer).

Several restaurants within walking distance, nightclub, There is an ABC. Nearby is the Boating Lake, open to hikers and locals, which boasts mood lighting, which can be admired from the benches. Inside 100 meters away is the renovated Outdoor Stage, where concerts, a variety of programs can be viewed. The above attractions can be reached by bike from our pension. There are also a variety of tasteful restaurants on offer for those looking to dine.

As well as those who want to ride a few hundred meters in the long run 20 km bicycle path leads to Balmazújváros, or tight from our pension 10 km in the direction of Debrecen to Ebes.

Our pension was designed like this, to make you feel as comfortable as possible here, and all their needs should be met.

We welcome your interest in our pension.

best regards:
Wolf Marica

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